FAQ – Frequently asked questions

How many people can get on the ship?
The boat is approved to carry 8 passengers, including the skipper. In case you need more space, we can find ourselves a second sailboat.

How do you pay?
The boat is hired for days. When formalizing the reservation, 50% of the total value is paid by transfer or deposit to the account that you can see in the section of (…). The other 50% is paid at the time of boarding with a credit card or in cash.

What is bail?
The bail is a deposit that is intended to cover any damage to the rented boat or to third parties not covered by the boat insurance.

What happens if I have the boat booked but the weather is bad?
The weather is the most important thing to take into account in any outing to the sea. When we are going to sail we want to enjoy and if the weather is not so good the best thing is to stay on land. Either we refund your reservation or we postpone the departure to another date.

Is it necessary to have the navigation license to rent a sailboat?
In order to govern a ship, it is essential to have at least a boating license (P.E.R. in Spain). But you can also rent the sailboat with skipper.

Do children count as passengers? And the babies?
All people on board count regardless of their age. Including babies.

Are pets allowed on board?
Yes, pets are allowed, as long as the necessary cleaning and hygiene standards are met and the welfare and safety of your pet is ensured.

How long is a sailing trip?
Normally a one-day trip has the check-in at 10am and the check-out at 8pm. In any case, you have complete freedom regarding the schedule as long as you return within the set time block. Take a look at our section of nautical routes (HV) to get an idea of how long it takes to get to the different destinations that we recommend on the Costa Blanca.

What happens if I arrive late to the check-in or the check-out?
You will be in contact with the shipowner or the skipper of the sailboat, so you can ask any questions or let them know if you are going to be late to the check-in. But consider that browsing time is lost, so it is recommended that you organize the day in advance and check everything you need on your trip.
If one calculates that tou are going to be late for the check-out, it is necessary that you contact the owner. Keep in mind that you will have someone waiting for you at the base port, therefore, so if you do not warn, you can be penalized with up to € 50 for each hour of delay.

How long does it take to get to Tabarca?
From the port of Alicante to Tabarca there are about 10 nautical miles. It takes approximately 2 hours.

How much is spent on fuel? Where is it refueled?
The consumption of diesel is minimal. For example, go and back to Tabarca from Alicante, and in case that you use the engine all the way, it’s about € 15.
You can refuel in Alicante at the Marina Deportiva gas station, on the east dock of the port. The schedule is from 7:00 p.m. at 9:00 p.m.

Must I take my food or do you give it to us?
You take the food for yourself. It is very important that you organize well your meals and to bring with you everything you need (abundant drinks if the weather is hot, solid foods to avoid dizziness, etc.). We can also plan the trip together to provide you with a catering or even, depending on the event, a waiter or a cook.

Is there a freezer to store ice?
There is no freezer, but the fridge has very good power and the ice lasts for hours.

What should I take with me for the trip?
It is recommended to go well equipped. Make sure you wear comfortable clothes, non-slip sports shoes, sunglasses, sunscreen and also warm clothes.

Can I fish? And do scuba diving?
Fishing is prohibited. It´s mandatory to have a license. Sports activities, however, are authorized. Take your personal equipment with you.

How much does it cost to spend a night in a port?
If you sleep in Alicante, at the base port, night is included in the price. Overnight in another port during a trip costs approximately € 45.