La Isla de Benidorm

The island is about 20 nautical miles from the port of Alicante, or about 4 hours at an average speed of 5 knots. Therefore it is a privileged place to make pleasant one-day trips from Alicante. Or visit it if we are in the area of ​​Altea and Calpe.

Due to its incredible location (2 nautical miles from Benidorm), it is a spectacular destination for sailors and a paradise for divers. There are wonderful authorized swimming areas and on the island there is a restaurant specialized in Mediterranean cuisine, rice dishes (paellas) and fideuá. On the southeast side there is a large cliff and in the northwest is where the best access to the island is, with the pier and the restaurant. It is, however, an uninhabited island, only active to serve visitors. The route to the lighthouse and the viewpoint is very nice to do.

This small island, adapted to tourism due to its proximity to Benidorm, is really an environmental treasure and a jewel of the Levantine coast. But also, beyond, only by navigating its waters can one discover its submerged history and its role in the old Mediterranean world, whose magic is still within the reach of lovers of sailing.

La Isla de Benidorm

The island of Benidorm is not only famous because it calls so much attention seen from the city or because of its unknown history, similar to that of Tabarca in times of pirates to be used as a hiding place before proceeding to the assault of coastal towns, but rather It is also highly valued for its landscape and ecological and environmental interest. The island of Benidorm is considered part of the Serra Gelada (Frozen Mountain), from which it was separated by the rising of the sea level.

Places visitedBenidorm, Alicante
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