When arriving at Tabarca from Alicante it is better to access it from the west, bordering the quarry. The sea in the eastern part of the island is beautiful, highlighting some cliffs and the characteristic colour of Tabarca, but it is a dangerous area to navigate if you don´t know it and you have to be aware of the signaling buoys. The island has a wide anchoring area next to the mouth of the port, to the north, but access to the port is not allowed (only it is for local and maritime services) and the southern part is normally chosen by the navigators. Keep this in mind, however, since in high season it can become massified and it may be better to leave the crowded areas. Once anchored you can access the island in a smaller boat from several points. And also the island’s own restaurants offer pick-up or food delivery services on board.

When skirting the quarry we will already have beautiful views of the old town, for which it is worth taking a walk. I also recommend the path that runs through the island and that gives access to beautiful areas of crystal clear waters and very characteristic rock formations. It is an island with great environmental and eco-biological value, classified as a marine reserve. A unique place for diving not only for its rock formations but also for the great variety of flora and fauna. You can not miss its famous llop marí (sea Lion) cave (sea lions used to live there), which can be entered by doing snorkeling or diving.

As for gastronomy, the typical dish of Tabarca is the caldero, a delicious rice with fresh fish from the sea reserve itself brought by local fishermen. There are several restaurants but, again, if you go in high season, try to book in advance.

Furthermore, whether you are passionate about navigation, or you want to spend a day with your family or children in a unique place, or if you like diving, or if you simply want to eat a good cauldero and enjoy with friends, the magic of Tabarca is something that you have to discover by yourself. Good bow!

Isla de Tabarca

One of the favorite destinations near the port of Alicante is the island of Tabarca. It is two hours from the port, by a pleasant route that covers South Alicante and the beaches of Elche. Tabarca is a small island with a lot of unknown history. In its bottoms there are still wrecks and anchors of the time of the Romans. However, nowadays it is one of the most famous tourist sites due to its charm and the possibilities it offers.

Places visitedIsla de Tabarca, Santa Pola, Alicante
Duration1 day
Price low season260€