Baños de la Reina

It is an idyllic place for snorkeling inside artificial pools built by man in a natural environment, where you can see the fish going from raft to raft. In addition to this, for the boldest, it is a perfect place to practice the jumps to the water. It is advisable to assure the depth of the water before jumping because some areas can lead to deception.

In order to arrive, we will turn to port as soon as we leave the mouth of the port of Alicante and we will direct the prow of the Bernat towards the Cabo de las Huertas, which we will have to skirt. The crossing is very pleasant, overlooking the castle of Santa Bárbara in Alicante. After leaving the Cape behind, we Will just continuing sailing North until reaching the town of El Campello. It is unmistakable, since the Torre de la Illeta, next to the yacht club, will serve as a reference. Now it is a matter of anchoring the sailboat, always making sure that the anchor is anchored on the seabed, put on the fins, put on the glasses and enjoy this historic spot.

In addition to the swimming pools, you can walk through the Illeta dels Banyets (Little island of Little baths) and visit the Roman site, one of the most important in the area due to its size and the good state of conservation of the archaeological remains. Even some mosaics still remain on the ground. Do not forget to wear the typical crab sandals or you will be missing them when you walk on the sharp rocks.

And, of course, after the bath, the best part of the day arrives with good food on the table, cold drinks after hours in the fridge and your favorite music playing on the deck speakers, life looks different. And the coast of Alicante, on board a sailboat, as well.

Baños de la Reina

Just about 8 nautical miles from the port of Alicante we can find a magical place. One of those corners with history (and some legend) whose charm has survived over the centuries. It´s none other than the site of the Baths of the Queen. Legend has it (and hence the name) that a Moravian queen had them built to bathe in the sea away from the waves. The official story is that it is a fish farm built by the ancient Romans.

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